Kristy Sell - Managing Director

Kristy is an environmental scientist with over 27 years’ experience in environmental management for the mining and resource industries. Kristy has been involved in all aspects associated with exploration, mining, processing and refining in Australian and International projects.

Alan Wright - Principal Consultant

Alan is a geoscientist with more than 30 years’ experience in the water and mining industry, with a particular interest in mine closure planning and integrated mine water management.

Freea Itzstein-Davey - Principal Consultant

Freea has advanced environmental expertise with 18 years’ experience in a variety of roles both in Australia and internationally; including consulting, research and government.

Colin Davies - Principal Consultant

Colin’s environmental and ESG experience spans well over a decade as a consultant and environmental specialist. His services have been used for the environmental and social planning and assessment of small and large scale mining, oil and gas, infrastructure and industrial projects within Australia and internationally.

Sue Brand - Principal Consultant

Sue has worked in the environmental field since 1996 as an academic in the TAFE sector and as a consultant. She joined MBS Environmental in 2020, bringing with her a diverse array of knowledge and experience that can be applied to projects across a range of environmental contexts including land development, mining, industry, as well as state and local government.

Michael North - Principal Environmental Geochemist

Michael has over 17 years' experience across analytical, environmental, organic, inorganic and physical chemistry as well as occupational hygiene.  He possesses further background at the University level in geology and soil science and materials science.

Michael Dufty - Senior Environmental Engineer

Michael is an environmental engineer with over 15 years’ experience in environmental management for the mining and resource industries.

Kirsi Kauhanen - Senior Environmental Scientist

Kirsi has 10 years' of experience in environmental consulting and scientific research, working with projects in mining and mineral processing, oil and gas, basic raw materials (sand, gravel, limestone, and rock), horticulture and other land development sectors industries in Western Australia.

Terryn Attwood - Senior Environmental Scientist

Terryn has over 11 years’ experience in Environmental Management, providing advice and guidance on environmental aspects within the exploration and mining resource sector of Western Australia.  She has worked in the commodities of bauxite, iron ore and gold and has practical knowledge in the development, implementation and management of on-site operations.

Sharon Rose - Senior Environmental Scientist

Sharon has over 16 years' experience in environmental management and education. Sharon has been actively working in the South West region of Western Australia to manage remnant natural areas, increase urban biodiversity values, and mitigate climate change impacts. Her experience lies in working with Government agencies, NRM organisations, local stakeholders, and the Noongar community. Sharon takes a collaborative approach to her projects, looking for ways to work together with stakeholders to achieve balanced outcomes.

Orla Tone – Senior Environmental Scientist

Orla has over 9 years' of experience as a site based environmental advisor in the mining industry, providing guidance and technical support to onsite operations. She also has considerable experience working in both environmental and metallurgical laboratories.

Justine Hyams - Senior Approvals Consultant

Justine is a highly skilled project manager and regulatory compliance professional with over 25 years’ experience in a wide range of industries. With a background in aviation, roads engineering, high pressure gas pipeline construction and project management, Justine has worked for a number of the world’s largest construction companies, Local Governments and the private sector.

Elliott Duncan - Senior Environmental Geochemist

Elliott joined MBS Environmental in 2020 and has worked extensively on environmental chemistry related projects in the fields of marine science, agriculture and environmental remediation.  Elliott possesses significant expertise in environmental and analytical chemistry, specifically the biogeochemical cycling of nutrients, trace elements and contaminants in marine and terrestrial environments.  In addition, he also has considerable experience working in environmental laboratories, particularly in the analysis and determination of nutrients, trace elements and contaminants in water, soils and biota using a variety of analytical techniques (e.g. ICP-MS/OES; AAS; CNS).

Louise Crawley - Environmental Geochemist

Louise is an Environmental Geochemist with 2 years' experience completing contaminated site investigations within Western Australia. She has particular interest in soil chemistry and is currently developing her expertise in Acid and Metalliferous Drainage (AMD) and geochemical waste characterisations.  In addition, Louise has over eight years' experience as a Laboratory Analyst working in the oil and gas industry in Western Australia.

Greg Lekmine - Environmental Geochemist

Greg is an Environmental Geochemist with expertise in soil and groundwater geochemistry/hydrodynamics, and environmental geophysics.  Greg has 10 years’ research experience in soils and groundwater contamination in France and Western Australia.

A'nan Wang - Environmental Geochemist

A'nan joined MBS Environmental in July 2021.  He has studied and conducted research on soils assessments, biodegradation, contamination assessments (metals and pesticides), remediation, plant uptake and natural geochemical enrichment of soils.  He also has experience from working in environmental laboratories, particularly in the analysis and determination of trace elements and contaminants in soils, water and biota using a variety of analytical techniques (e.g. ICP-MS/OES; AAS).

Kat Partridge- Environmental Scientist

Kat is an environmental scientist with over 6 years’ experience in the environmental industry, having worked across construction, oil and gas and consulting. She has worked providing environmental advice and guidance for the compliance of on-site operations within the construction and oil and gas sectors and has extensive experience in environmental monitoring in a variety of disciplines.  Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Environmental Science (Ecology Specialisation) degree that she is currently undertaking.

Dane Vincent - Environmental Scientist

Dane is an environmental scientist who has a particular interest in environmental monitoring and restoration in the mining industry. Prior to joining MBS Environmental in October 2020, he completed a vacation program, based onsite, within a copper/gold mining operation, gaining practical experience in regulatory compliance monitoring, data analysis and environmental reporting.

Laura Damasceno - Spatial Scientist

Laura joined MBS Environmental in September 2020 has a Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences with specialisation in Environmental Sciences and a MSc in Environmental Science with specialisation in Environmental Rehabilitation. With a passion for GIS, she works as a Spatial Scientist at MBS creating maps and figures, and performing data analysis for several projects including mining proposals and mine closure plans, bushfire attack level (BAL) assessments, annual environmental reports (AERs), and geoscience assessments and approvals.

Jennifer Hopkins - Graduate Environmental Scientist

Jennifer is a graduate environmental scientist. She has over 11 years' experience in the mining industry in laboratory and surveyor roles throughout the Northern Territory. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Environmental Science with a specialisation in wildlife and conservation biology.

Darcey Shepherd - Graduate Environmental Scientist

Darcey is a graduate environmental scientist with an interest in environmental restoration, management of threatening processes and the role of law in environmental conservation. She has gained experience in population and ecosystem monitoring, assessing environmental risks and impacts, and implementing conservation management strategies through her studies and fieldwork conducted at the University of Western Australia.

Erin Marsh - Graduate Environmental Scientist

Erin is a graduate environmental scientist with an interest in environmental rehabilitation and restoration. She has gained experience in ecosystem monitoring, environmental sampling and conservation management through her university studies, completed at the University of Leeds, and through volunteering programs during vacation periods.

Hayden Beltz - Intern Environmental Scientist

Hayden is an intern environmental scientist undertaking his second year of study at Curtin University. His interest in environmental restoration, compliance surveys and monitoring has complimented the experience gained during his study at Curtin, which includes flora surveying and environmental proposals.

Diane Sims - Office Manager

Diane is a dedicated, efficient and hardworking office administration professional with over 20 years’ experience in the field. During that time she has worked in multiple business units and roles. Please contact Diane should you have any queries about MBS.

Angela Hollams - Administration Officer

Angela has a strong applied science background, having worked in research in plant biological sciences and molecular biology; and in administrative, field and laboratory capacities in the environmental consulting sector.

Amanda Hawkins - Accounts