B Nat Res (Hons), Grad Dip Nat Res Law

Kristy is an environmental scientist with over 18 years’ experience in environmental management for the mining and resource industries. Kristy has been involved in all aspects associated with exploration, mining, processing and refining in Australian and International projects and has particular expertise in:
  • Environmental impact assessment, approvals and risk assessment.
  • Environmental business planning.
  • Environmental management system development and implementation.
  • Environmental auditing.
  • Development and implementation of environmental management plans.
  • Site decommissioning, closure and rehabilitation planning, design and implementation.
  • Environmental monitoring.
  • Environmental reporting.
  • Terrestrial gas pipeline approvals and construction management.

Kristy is a certified environmental auditor and has considerable experience in compliance auditing, EMS auditing, and conducting due diligence reviews for mining and financial institutions.