BSc (Biology), MSc.(Env. Science and Engineering), PhD (Agricultural Science)

A'nan joined MBS Environmental in July 2021.  He has studied and conducted research on soils assessments, biodegradation, contamination assessments (metals and pesticides), remediation, plant uptake and natural geochemical enrichment of soils.  He also has experience from working in environmental laboratories, particularly in the analysis and determination of trace elements and contaminants in soils, water and biota using a variety of analytical techniques (e.g. ICP-MS/OES; AAS).

A'nan possesses significant expertise in environmental and analytical chemistry, specifically for trace elements and contaminants in terrestrial environments and waters.  His specific areas of expertise include:

  • Soil chemistry with specialised expertise in contamination assessments for metals/metalloids.
  • Planning and conducting field investigations including contaminated site assessments.
  • Environmental analytical chemistry, QA and QC.
  • Use of engineered nanomaterials and UV treatment in contaminated site remediation.