Region: Australia (South West WA)

Resource: Silica Sand 

Kemerton Silica Sand (KSS) is a silica sand dredging operation located 35 kilometres north of the Port of Bunbury and approximately 150 kilometres south of Perth.  The KSS property is freehold land owned by the proponent.  MBS Environmental has been engaged by KSS to assist with a variety of environmental projects, specifically:

  • Develop a Offset package to support applications for extension of the project footprint and life.
  • Preparation of a Rehabilitation Management Plan (RMP) for the KSS existing operations.  This has recently been revised to include provision for expansion of the mine area.
  • Revisions to the project Environmental Management Plan and Wetland Monitoring and Management Plan.
  • Annual Compliance Reports for Ministerial Statements.
  • Annual Environmental Reports for the site Environmental Licence.
  • Undertaking acid sulfate soils survey inside of the mine extension boundary to provide an indication of the status of potential acid sulfate soils within the extension areas.  Key aspects of the program involved sampling design in conjunction with DEC, field assessment and testing of all soil samples to provide indications of the likelihood of acid sulfate soils presence.
  • Co-ordination of sub-consultants for specialised surveys on the KSS property, including:
    • Groundwater.
    • Flora and vegetation: Priority species, Declared Rare Flora and Threatened Ecological Communities.
    • Fauna surveys, in particular species of Conservation Significance.
    • Wetlands including invertebrate fauna and vegetation.
    • Short Range Endemic species.
    • Rehabilitation of previously dredged or disturbed areas.