Region: Western Australia (South West)

Resource: Sand, limestone, gravel and hard rock

MBS Environmental has been involved with extractive industries in the south-west of Western Australia for a number of years for various clients including APH Contractors, B&J Catalano Pty Ltd, BGC (Australia) Pty Ltd, Carbone Bros Pty Ltd, Giacci Bros Pty Ltd, Piacentini & Son and private landowners.

Services provided by MBS Environmental have included:

  • Extractive Industry Licence and Planning Consent applications to local governments.
  • Native Vegetation Clearing Permit applications.
  • EPA referrals and assessments.
  • Approvals under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act.
  • DoW Groundwater Licence Applications.
  • Liaison with Commonwealth, State and local government agencies and other interest groups.
  • Coordination and/or implementation of surveys for fauna, stygofauna, flora, dieback, acid sulfate soils and noise. Organising targeted fauna surveys for conservation significant species such as Western Ringtail Possum and Black Cockatoos.
  • Preparing a range of management plans focusing on site rehabilitation, fauna relocation and habitat management, dust and noise minimisation, stormwater management, dieback prevention, weed management and acid sulfate soils management.
  • Co-ordination and/or implementation of revegetation measures post extraction.
  • Operational environmental monitoring and reporting to meet approval conditions.