Region: Western Australia (Kimberleys)

Resource: Iron Ore

Koolan Island, located 130 kilometres north of Derby, is home to an operational iron ore mine and port facility run by Mount Gibson Iron Limited.  MBS Environmental has been engaged by Mount Gibson Iron Limited to assist with a variety of environmental projects, specifically:

  • Targeted invertebrate survey utilising specific land snail survey techniques (as described by the WA museum) outside of the mining lease to assess the distribution of a newly identified species of endemic land snail.
  • Targeted surveys for conservation significant fauna to comply with the conditions of the site’s Ministerial Statement.  MBS contracted experienced botanists and zoologists to conduct the surveys, assisted by MBS’ qualified environmental staff.
  • Northern Quoll trapping, husbandry and release of the ahead of clearing, in accordance with the site’s Northern Quoll Management Plan.
  • Annual Northern Quoll monitoring as outlined in the Northern Quoll Management Plan.