Region: Western Australia (South West)

Resource: Mineral Sands

MBS Environmental was engaged to undertake Environmental Impact Assessment for the Keysbrook mineral sand deposit near Perth. The project was assessed at under the West Australia Environmental Protection Act at the level of Public Environmental Review (PER).  The project was subject to intense scrutiny by local residents with over 100 submissions received by the EPA.  After consideration of an appeal against the EPA recommendations to the Minister for the Environment, the project was approved in October 2009 (Ministerial Statement 810).

Approvals were also obtained under the Commonwealth Environment Protection and Biodiversity Act (EPBC Act) as the project was deemed a Controlled Action due to potential impacts on fauna species of National significance (Black Cockatoos). As the project is located on pre-1899 land where mineral rights rest with the land owner and not the State, development and extractive industry approvals were also required from the Shires where the project is located.  MBS participated in a lengthy State Administrative Tribunal process, acting as expert witnesses during mediation and hearing processes.  Final project approvals were received in 2012.

During this lengthy approval process, MBS has assisted with:

  • Co-ordination of ecological baseline surveys.
  • Co-ordination of air quality and noise baseline surveys including detailed modelling.
  • Completion of acid sulfate soil surveys.
  • Preparation of a Public Environmental Review document for submission to the EPA.
  • Preparation of a Works Approval application for submission to DER.
  • GIS management for all aspects of the project.
  • Liaison with regulatory authorities (EPA, DER, DPaW, DoW, DoH and DoE).
  • Participation in stakeholder consultation.
  • Development of air quality, rehabilitation, weed and dieback, nutrient management, acid sulfate soil and water management plans approved by the EPA.
  • Development of a Conservation, Offset and Rehabilitation Plan approved by DoE.
  • Development of a Compliance Audit Plan approved by the EPA and preparation of Compliance Audit Reports suitable for submission to the EPA.
  • Expert witness services for State Administrative Tribunal processes.
  • Preparation of environmental and closure sections for the Feasibility Study.