DER Seeking Feedback on Draft Licence Documentation

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As a result of industry feedback on current Works Approvals and Environmental Licences, the Department of Environment Regulation (DER) has released draft Licence documentation, for the licensing and conditioning of prescribed premises under Schedule 1 to the Environmental Protection Regulations 1987 (EP Regulations). These documents have been prepared to ensure consistency and alignment with DER’s risk-based approach, which includes:

  • An application form for works approvals/licences.
  • Licence template.
  • Conditions library (sample).
  • Guideline for applications.

DER licencing update

These documents are available for download on the DER website (external link).  MBS aims to provide feedback to DER on the new licence documentation and we encourage anyone operating under a prescribed premise to review these proposed changes.  Please contact us on 08 9226 3166 or if you would like to discuss how the changes may impact your site.  The consultation period ends 30 October 2015.