Sirius to Construct a Solar Power Facility at Nova

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Sirius Resources NL (Sirius) has announced that they will install a 6.7 MW photovoltaic solar power station at the Nova Nickel Mine in the Fraser Range.  This facility will feed into the 20 MW diesel power station which will be dual fuel gas compatible.  Zenith Pacific will own, operate and maintain the diesel and solar power station.  Solea AG will assist with the installation and commissioning of the solar power station.

Construction and use of the proposed solar power station will:

  • Reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 8,000 tonnes per year (roughly equivalent to 1,700 less cars on the road).
  • Save over 3 million litres of diesel per year.
  • Reduce the number of road trains required to deliver diesel.
  • Feature the highest efficiency PV panels currently available.
  • Generate approximately 12.5 million kilowatts of solar power per year.

The solar power station is expected to be installed and commissioned within 20 weeks.  MBS is excited to be assisting Sirius with environmental approvals for this renewable energy initiative.  For more information please see the Sirius ASX Announcement (external pdf).

Sirius Solar