New Spatial Lodgement of Programme of Work Applications

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The Department of Mines and Petroleum (DMP) has introduced Programme of Work spatial lodgement (referred to as PoW-S) applications which will be compulsory from July 2017. DMP have been running training sessions to assist applicants. MBS staff Freea and Talia have attended the sessions and have noted some key points:

  • PoW-S applications are lodged through EARS, simply select the PoW-S option and the application will commence.
  • PoW-S includes drill holes, tracks and spatial areas. The spatial data for these can be manually inputted or loaded from shapefiles.
  • The spatial areas/drill holes need to be re-entered for each drill type.
  • PoW-S is not to be confused with wider Advanced Prospect type exploration programs that span multiple tenements, require an Environmental Management Plan (EMP) and require commitment to an independent audit and AER.
  • PoW-S are limited to 10 tenements. Therefore in the case of an Advanced Prospect PoW-S multiple adjoining shapefiles would need to be loaded in order to complete the spatial lodgement.
  • The spatial capabilities of a PoW-S allows users to immediately identify any issues with the proposed PoW-S as any interactions with environmental aspects are highlighted.
  • The applicant can choose to not select standard environmental and rehabilitation practices, provided there is good reason for this and the applicant is able to provide details supporting this.

DMP have more training sessions scheduled for May and June, session details can be viewed here (external link). If you would like to discuss the new system, please feel free to contact Freea on (08) 9226 3166.