Region: Indonesia (Sumatra)

Resource: Gold

Located in a government forestry reserve within the well watered eastern foothills of the Barisan Ranges, the Tembang Project has required effective environmental management planning. MBS has independently reviewed environmental management to ensure compliance with IFC environmental standards and Equator Principles and has assisted during the project development phase by:

  • Providing environmental support.
  • Reconciling project feasibility planning with environmental and social aspects of approvals.
  • Providing guidance on meeting IFC environmental and social requirements.
  • Undertaking technical due diligence on mine waste and water management.
  • Undertaking waste rock and tailings characteristion.
  • Assisting with site water management.
  • Providing technical advice on mine waste and AMD management.
  • Providing technical advice on water quality management and mine closure planning.
  • Providing on-going technical advice on overall construction environmental management and mine waste and water management strategies with a particular focus on potential closure liabilities.