Region: Australia (Great Sandy Desert)

Resource: Copper

MBS has been involved with the Nifty Copper Operations in the Great Sandy Desert since 2002 to:

  • Complete the flora and fauna surveys necessary for regulatory approvals.
  • Obtain the regulatory approvals necessary for a major expansion of the operations, including a new underground mine, copper concentrator, tailings storage facility (TSF) and gas pipeline.
  • Obtain the regulatory approvals necessary for a number of minor changes to the operations, including new paste and sand fill plants, and expansions of the TSF, waste rock dump and borrow pits.
  • Characterise waste rock, tailings and heap leach material for regulatory approvals and closure planning.
  • Develop site management plans for specific environmental aspects, including flora, fauna, groundwater, surface water, and hydrocarbons.
  • Carry out the groundwater and other monitoring required for regulatory compliance.
  • Manage environmental compliance, including fauna rescue and regulatory/ contractual reporting during construction of the gas pipeline.
  • Manage environmental compliance during mining operations.
  • Prepare annual environmental and groundwater reports required by DMP, DER, DSD and DoW.
  • Prepare a detailed Mine Closure Plan to meet current DMP requirements.
  • Estimate costs for mine closure, decommissioning and rehabilitation.
  • Identify, assess, and report on contaminated sites.
  • Audit, assess and report on regulatory compliance.