Region: Queensland

Resource: Copper

MBS Environmental has been involved with the Mt Gordon Operation (previously named Gunpowder Copper) in northwest Queensland since 1998.  Mt Gordon has a long and varied history with mining commencing in the 1920’s and as a result has significant historic environmental legacies, most of which are associated with management of acid mine drainage, complicated by the site being located in rugged terrain in a sub-tropical environment.

MBS has provided a broad range of environmental services to Mt Gordon’s various owners including:

  • Corporate environmental support.
  • Environmental business planning.
  • Preparation of environmental approval documents (Environmental Management Plans, Plan of Operations and Environmental Authorities).
  • Development of an Environmental Management System.
  • Development of Environmental Improvement Programs.
  • Development of Voluntary Environmental Management Programs and Transitional Environmental Programs.
  • Waste rock characterisation and management.
  • Development of high level Mine Closure Plans.
  • Financial assurance calculations.
  • Water treatment for poor quality waters retained onsite.
  • Development and supervision of water reduction strategies.
  • Ecological Risk Assessments.
  • Development of area specific Rehabilitation Plans.
  • Regulatory liaison an reporting.
  • Technical expert witness statements during regulatory action.