Region: Africa (Burkina Faso)

Resource: Gold (Open Cut)

MBS assisted Gryphon Minerals with Environmental Impact Assessment for this greenfields project to seek approval for development of 31 open pits and eight waste rock dumps in four separate mining areas, construction of a CIL processing plant and associated Tailings Storage Facility as well as construction of supporting infrastructure (roads, power generation, water storage, accommodation facilities).

Work undertaken by MBS included:

  • Technical review of a draft ESIA document and preparing a gap analysis compared to IFC requirements.
  • Review of baseline environmental reports.
  • Development of Environment and Social Impact Assessment documentation for submission to Burkina Faso regulatory authorities.
  • Development of a Mine Closure Plan to accompany the ESIA document.
  • Development of an Environment and Safety Management System to accompany the ESIA document.
  • Development of an Environmental Monitoring Manual to accompany the ESIA document.
  • Participating in COTEVE meetings discussing the ESIA documentation.
  • Provision of corporate support for IFC site visits and discussions.
  • Providing on-ground training for exploration personnel for surface and groundwater monitoring.
  • Managing GIS data relevant to environmental and social aspects of the project.
  • Preparation of environmental and closure sections for a Definitive Feasibility Study.