Congratulations to IGO on Their First Nova Shipment!

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Independence Group (IGO) has successfully completed the first export shipments of copper and nickel concentrate from the Port of Esperance (PoE) last week. Shipping of concentrate from the Nova minesite used half height sealed sea containers or “rotabox” containers which are opened and tipped inside the ships hold under a blanket of water mist to suppress any dust. MBS is proud to have assisted IGO with:

  • Development of the Works Approval for the Nova Project’s port activities that included working with PoE and government regulators (Department of Health (DoH) and Department of Environment Regulation (DER)).
  • Review of the Port of Esperance’s Trial Shipments Environmental Management Plan.
  • Development of an IGO air monitoring program to support data collection for the shipping of concentrate through PoE.
  • Assessment of baseline air quality at PoE for the year prior to shipping and during IGO shipping events to support approvals.
  • Testing and reporting on the concentrates for dangerous goods, IMSBC/MARPOL shipping classifications and SDSs for the nickel and copper concentrates.
  • Sampling and development of Baseline Contamination Assessments for both the port of Esperance and the transport route from the mine.
  • Review of the Port of Esperance’s Product Quality Management Procedure.

MBS congratulates IGO on this milestone as Nova ramps up to full capacity.