BSc Physical and Inorganic Chemistry, PhD (Chemistry)
David has over 33 years’ experience working as an analytical and soil chemist in the fields of both agricultural and environmental soil management.

David has a diverse background with particular expertise in:

  • Geochemical characterisation of waste rock and tailings.
  • Assessment and management of acid sulfate soils.
  • Soil fertility and plant nutrition, with specialised expertise in phosphate sorption.
  • Soil and groundwater chemistry of natural systems including the fate and transport of contaminants in the environment.
  • Soil survey and geochemical databases.
  • Preparation of Acid Sulfate Soils and Nutrient Management Plans.
  • Treatment of soil and water affected by acid mine drainage.
  • Management and remediation of hostile soils.
  • Contaminated sites assessment and remediation.
  • Ecological risk assessment.
  • Evaluation of mining residues and organic wastes as ameliorants for agricultural soils.
  • Chemical assessment of clay liners and semi-permeable barriers for tailings management.
  • Geochemical speciation modelling and prediction of pit lake water quality.

David is a certified NATA assessor (chemical testing) and a member of the Australian Soil Science Society.